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Roparun is an abbreviation of Rotterdam – Paris- RUN. The Roparun is the longest non-stop relay race in the world; the route covers approximately 520 km. It is not only a unique running event, but it also has a unique goal:

“Aiming to add life to the days that remain, when no more days can be added to life”

When it began, in 1992, the race started on the Coolsingel in Rotterdam and finished in the airport area Le Bourget in the ‘city of lights’, Paris. Since 2004 the route has gone in the other direction, starting in Paris and finishing in Rotterdam. Since 2012 Roparun has also started from Hamburg, Germany.

Team 20 “Help Een Mens”is one of the 333 teams participating in 2018 (252 teams starting from Paris and 81 teams from Hamburg). For our team this will be the tenth time since we started in 2008.
Our goal is to raise as much money as possible for people with cancer. Not for research, but to aim extra quality to their lives. With the total amount, raised in 2017 of
 € 5.497.643 cancer patients and their families are able to enjoy a week’s holiday free of charge, donations to hospices, hospitals, nursing homes for equipment and facilities as special mattresses, beds, chairs, skin coolers and much more.

In 2017 Team 20 finished in 48,4 hours with an average speed of 10,73 km/h.
Meaning that every one of the 8 runners covered a distance of 1,5 marathon, non-stop, 2 days and 2 nights. And the cyclists, who assisted the runners for guidance and safety, even biked between 200 and 240 km.
Not to forget our 2 masseurs, cooks and drivers, who also did a fantastic job! Without them, our team could not have achieved this unforgettable Roparun.